The shop

la fontaine et la tête de lion dans la boutique vermillon à beaune


At the back of the listed Bâtiment de France shop stands a venerable stone fountain decorated with a lion's head. In ancient Chinese astrology, the Vermilion bird is the feminine alter ego of Leo in Western astrology. A shade of fire unites them: the color vermilion, color
of the walls of the Forbidden City and the royal seal.

meubles en bois sur mesure pour la boutique vermillon à beaune

Wine and the Arts

A bridge between my two cultures, this boutique was designed as a showcase for wines, in which art and craftsmanship mingle. The French ceilings were repainted a light color to bring in light, and a set of wooden furniture was created to measure.

Vermillion Boutique

Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.

36 rue Carnot 21200 Beaune