Collection: Roland Lavantureux


This family estate located in Lignorelles (Yonne, Burgundy) is based on the commitment of several generations. At the beginning, the work of the vineyard for a confidential, family and friendly production. The business grew when the paternal grandparents began marketing their wines in flakes, these 132 L barrels typical of Chablis.

In 1979, Roland, the father, was the first to bottle the wines. Since 2010, Arnaud and David Lavantureux, the children, have continued to grow the estate.

The philosophy of the estate is to express as accurately as possible the territory of Chablis, this soil rich in millions of years of very particular geological stratifications, from which the roots of its vines draw.

From this perspective, all the work is done in-house, attentive care is taken at all stages of the process, from the vine to the choice of cork. Great biodiversity in the vines, the harvest of healthy, mature grapes, and the careful monitoring of each vintage must allow as little intervention as possible and let the terroir express itself fully in the wine.